Monday, 31 May 2021

A very Happy New Year to all Bug Belly readers. 
Let's hope 2021 is even better than last. After all, BB2 is published this coming Spring so there is that to look forward to. Meanwhile don't forget if you're home schooling or just want a bit of froggy fun with your Maths and English please click the Froggy Goodies link above and check out my

Welcome to Bug Belly the frog's home pad.
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illustration of Bug Belly the hungry frog and his nephew and niece.

This is his favourite lily pad and home to loads of cool, froggy crafts and activities. There are videos of Paul reading the book, videos of 'How-to-draw'Make edible bugs, and much, much more.
If you've not yet read how BB rescues 100's of desperate little taddies when their pond starts to empty, then follow the links on the right if you'd like to buy the book online. Or maybe you fancy reading a sample taster chapter first, or watching the video trailer? 

What are you waiting for?!
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Monday, 19 October 2020



If you've read right to the very last page of Bug Belly Babysitting Trouble you will know that Bug Belly has some particular favourite bug snacks. Lava Pops and Worm Whirls are just two for example.

How would you like to make some of Bug Belly's favourite bug snacks?.. and then EAT THEM?? You can if you follow these delumptious edible bug recipes. The first three are available for downloading now, Worm Whirls, Chrysalis Candies and brand new FLY FUDGE! and all the rest to follow later.

Image of Bug Belly the frog's favourite bug snacks

Worm Whirls edible bugs recipe

Chrysalis Candies edible bugs recipe

Chrysalis Candies edible bugs recipe

Fly Fudge edible bugs recipe

Fly Fudge edible bugs recipe


Thursday, 27 August 2020

For Babysitting Trouble I produced well over 1000 drawings. From the rough early thumbnail sketches, numerous progressive sketches to the final artwork (on each of the 96 pages). These following images show how a typical illustration was created, from sketchbook to final printed page.
Pencil sketch of book illustration
Any story that I'm working on starts in my sketchbook, well actually, appears in my mind first of all, and then I put it down into my sketchbook. I see my sketchbook as my 'extra memory', like Dumbledore's pensive. Repositories for storing lots of extra ideas and images.
Development sketch from Bug Belly book
When the text is completed it's chopped into page spreads by my editor and book designer. They are looking for pace and page turning drama. I already know by now roughly what image I'm planning for each spread. So I can refine the sketch over and over until I feel I've captured the spirit of the story incident and the liveliness and accuracy of the characters. I'm not looking to mirror what is said in the text, but to add to and expand upon the words.
Dummy book for Bug Belly Babysitting Trouble
These sketches get pasted into a mocked up full 'finished' dummy book and are submitted to get approval from editorial and publisher.
Finished artwork for Bug Belly Babysitting Trouble
 Then it's time to buckle down to the artwork. I love working in these rich black Polychromos pencils. The only downside is that if I make a mark I'm not happy with it can't easily be erased. So I redraw the scene over again. That, or digitally erase those bits after scanning the image into Photoshop.
Artwork for Bug Belly Babysitting Trouble book illustration
 And it's in Photoshop, or ProCreate, that I digitally paint in the extra textures over my pencil work. I've created custom brushes that enhance the natural pencil marks. 
Final printed page from Bug Belly Babysitting Trouble
 These early reader books are printed in black with one extra colour. This is also added digitally and then pre-print separated before handing over to my book designer for getting print ready.

Wednesday, 15 July 2020

Here's a bug that most people are familiar with. Whether running around shops and restaurants or scuttling into the bedroom. The Cockroach is truly a fascination little critter, and has been so for 320 million years! It's obviously doing something right.
Graphic illustration of Cockroach. On Bug Belly frog website

Thursday, 5 March 2020

To celebrate WBD Bug Belly is giving away this free
downloadable book mark.
It features Splish, Splash and Splodge in a balancing act and is perfect for colouring in.
Bug Belly, black and white bookmark illustration for downloading and colouring in.


Tuesday, 25 February 2020

Well, very nearly depending on new storms and other freak weather conditions.
In South Yorkshire pond activity can begin anywhere towards the end of February and quite often frogspawn has been laid on the same day - 14th March.
Here are a couple of photographs taken last year when I was helped by my young friend Atlas. We caught thousands of "shiny black blobs. Jiggling and giggling like a sea of happy jelly beans coming to the boil." 
Just like it says in my Bug Belly book!