Saturday 1 May 2021

This didn't cost as much as the popular Christmas videos on TV, but hope you like it just as much! 

Out on July 1st the second adventure in the series. This Bug Belly story tells of the dangerous and daring mission to try and rescue Splodge who has been snatched by Magpie. Will Bug Belly make his most daring and cleverest ever rescue plan to try to bring back poor Splodge?

A short video with step by step instructions for changing the expressions of your characters. Make them sad, happy, surprised, angry and finally ... WICKED! With a bonus section on adding textures to your baddies.

title of video making a folding booklet
An amazingly simple piece of paper folding magic.
First of all watch the video above to learn how to make it.
Then download the printed instructions.
Finally choose one of the FREE BUG BELLY ARTWORK TEMPLATES.
So far there are 2 to choose from.

booklet#1-Bug Belly's kit bag

booklet#2 is new. Frog/spawn life cycle

the Youtube video title showing froglets and tadpoles

Video #7- Great tips for getting good ideas for your stories. Then try Paul's Summer Reading Story Writing Challenge.

image advertising video for author Paul Morton reading from his Bug Belly book

Image showing author illustrator Paul Morton reading from his new book for children aged 5 to 8

header image advertising Paul Morton reading Bug Belly book part 4

Title image for a video showing Paul Morton drawing his character Bug Belly the frog

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