Monday, 31 May 2021

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This is where you'll find loads of fun, froggy crafts and exciting activities. 
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Froggy Rescue shortlisted for award
I am so very pleased and proud to share the news that Bug Belly Froggy Rescue has been shortlisted with 3 other amazing titles for this year's Lancashire School Library Service Brilliant Book Awards (BBA). What an honour! And and what excellent titles to be rubbing shoulders and book spines with. Look at these brilliant titles. Good luck everyone and fingers crossed for Bug Belly!

Draw like a professional illustrator by copying what you see in the bottom picture into the grid squares above. It's a great method to practice drawing. You could even GO LARGE and make a giant copy of the exact same grid, and then make a giant copy of Bug Belly and pals on the lily leaf. 

Bug Belly A4 resource sheet grid sketching

Frogspawn sightings moving up the country.

map showing frogspawn sightings 2022

Let's celebrate our more than 8,400 frogs and toad species by learning about these colourful little tree frogs. I've created these fun FREE frog models for you to download, colour, cut out and assemble. Each frog comes with full instructions plus there's also a video available.

Let's make tree frogs with Paul Morton

Why not curl up with a copy of Babysitting Trouble and challenge yourself to Bug Belly i-Spy!? Can you find 30 images that are scattered throughout the book. Some are easy some are really tricky. How many can you find?
Two new free downloads now available.

The BIG news is that the second book in the series will be published later this year. BUG BELLY FROGGY RESCUE has all your favourite characters, plus a few different baddies! It's an exciting and dangerous rescue mission. More details coming soon.

Say Merhabe (hello in Turkish) to Koca Göbek. Bug Belly has been published in Turkey and it is quite appropriate. The original idea for Bug Belly came to me in a game I played with my nephew in Bodrum, TurkeyHere's the cover and an inside spread. Doesn't it look great in Turkish!?

All images strictly copyright © Paul Morton

Saturday, 1 May 2021

Out on July 1st the second adventure in the series. This Bug Belly story tells of the dangerous and daring mission to try and rescue Splodge who has been snatched by Magpie. Will Bug Belly make his most daring and cleverest ever rescue plan to try to bring back poor Splodge?

A short video with step by step instructions for changing the expressions of your characters. Make them sad, happy, surprised, angry and finally ... WICKED! With a bonus section on adding textures to your baddies.

title of video making a folding booklet
An amazingly simple piece of paper folding magic.
First of all watch the video above to learn how to make it.
Then download the printed instructions.
Finally choose one of the FREE BUG BELLY ARTWORK TEMPLATES.
So far there are 2 to choose from.

booklet#1-Bug Belly's kit bag

booklet#2 is new. Frog/spawn life cycle

the Youtube video title showing froglets and tadpoles

Video #7- Great tips for getting good ideas for your stories. Then try Paul's Summer Reading Story Writing Challenge.

image advertising video for author Paul Morton reading from his Bug Belly book

Image showing author illustrator Paul Morton reading from his new book for children aged 5 to 8

header image advertising Paul Morton reading Bug Belly book part 4

Title image for a video showing Paul Morton drawing his character Bug Belly the frog