Monday, 31 May 2021

A very Happy New Year to all Bug Belly readers. 
Let's hope 2021 is even better than last. After all, BB2 is published this coming Spring so there is that to look forward to. Meanwhile don't forget if you're home schooling or just want a bit of froggy fun with your Maths and English please click the Froggy Goodies link above and check out my

Welcome to Bug Belly the frog's home pad.
If you're looking for RESOURCES for kids and schools then please click the FROGGY GOODIES tab above.
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illustration of Bug Belly the hungry frog and his nephew and niece.

This is his favourite lily pad and home to loads of cool, froggy crafts and activities. There are videos of Paul reading the book, videos of 'How-to-draw'Make edible bugs, and much, much more.
If you've not yet read how BB rescues 100's of desperate little taddies when their pond starts to empty, then follow the links on the right if you'd like to buy the book online. Or maybe you fancy reading a sample taster chapter first, or watching the video trailer? 

What are you waiting for?!
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